About Us

Let me take this opportunity to introduce Fenix Equipment Company to you.  We were founded in 1992 with the desire to become the premier international supplier of industrial products. We serve our customers by supplying them with dependable, high quality, and cost effective products. We strive to build solid customer relationships while making constant quality improvements, providing substantial savings to our clients combined with high quality service.
We are the Solution Source.

We offer a full spectrum of electrical and industrial equipment including, but not limited to, electric motors, generators, chemicals, controls, instrumentation, pumps, valves, and raw materials. In addition to new factory equipment, Fenix Equipment Company offers remanufactured electric motors and controls up to 6000 horsepower. We supply either new or remanufactured equipment in a timely manner at very competitive prices.

Our strength can also be attributed to our selection of high quality suppliers and manufacturers. We build lasting relationships with them and in turn they give us the high quality service and merchandise we need to provide total satisfaction for our customers.

Additionally, our bilingual staff communicates with our Spanish speaking customers in their own language. We assist with engineering and technical data as well as shipment and export information in English and in Spanish – your choice!

We invite you to compare our services to other companies, to talk to our customers, or visit us at our facilities. You will see that Fenix Equipment Company is leading the pack in service, quality, and price.  Let us show you what we can do for you.

Fenix Equipment Company is looking forward to fulfilling your industrial/electrical requirements.  WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN !

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